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De Havilland Gypsy Moth Crankshaft Grind

white metalA De Havilland Gypsy Moth Crankshaft was brought in to us by a local aircraft engine overhaul and repair specialist in Waterlooville, Hampshire. They requested to have the big end journals reground. Due to the type of engine it does not have replaceable bearings and they needed to be white metalled (the con-rod bearings are recast with white metal and machined to a specific size). We reground the big end journals to 1.961" as requested by the customer.

crankshaft grinderDe havilland gypsy mothcrank grindingcrankshaft grinding



                                                                                                        I wanted to say how very friendly and helpful all the staff I talked to were. You have done an
           Mr Till, Seat Leon, cylinder head repair                          excellent job with the cylinder head I dropped off for repair, and your rates were so
                                                                                                       reasonable, and your technician went beyond the call of duty.



Crankshaft Grinding

We offer crankshaft grinding on site with a rapid turnaround. We also supply all parts, leaving your crankshaft ready for vehicle assembly.

Crankshaft Grinding
Cylinder Head Repair

Cylinder Head Repair & Rebuild

We can offer a range of services for cylinder head repair. Including head skimming, valve seat cutting, valve, guide & seal replacements, Camshaft replacements & welding. Including all repairs for cambelt failures, water damage and general wear & tear.

Cylinder Head Repair
Cylinder Boring

Cylinder Honing & Reboring

We offer on site Cylinder reboring & honing with a rapid turnaround. We can cater for all style cylinder blocks. From single cylinder engines to Industrial and marine 16 cylinder engines. Any 'V' or 'Vee' configured engines or inline engines are welcome. Pistons are easily sourced overnight.

Cylinder Honing & Reboring


We take great pride in our work and engineering is carried out at a very high standard. All of our work carries a 12 month warranty

Expert Advice

Our highly experienced technicians will be able help to explain all steps from diagnosis and talk through the steps of the remanufacturing process. We can also give advice for future prevention of engine failures


We understand that work of our nature needs to be turned around quickly. Whether you need to get the car back on road or you have a car taking valuable work space in your garage. We aim to get the work completed ASAP.

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