cylinder head assemblyWe offer a wide range of engineering services. For all types of engine including car, commercial, plant, motorcycle, scooter and marine.




Our services include: -

  • Crankshaft Grinding and Polishing
  • Cylinder Boring, Honing and Re-Sleeving
  • Cylinder head and Block Face Refacing
  • Surface Grinding
  • Pressure Testing
  • Valve and Seat Re-Cutting
  • Thread repairs, Helicoils and Inserts
  • Valve Seat Replacement
  • Disc and Drum Skimming and Machining
  • Flywheel Refacing and Machining
  • Cylinder Head Repairs
  • Unleaded Conversions
  • Cylinder head and Engine Overhauls
  • Conrod Re-Sizing
  • Small End Re-Sizing and Re-Bushing
  • General Engineering

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