We can test your camshafts to see if they are still within tolerance and see look for any potential camshaft issues. We can supply & fit new cams and / or camshaft kits to your engine if they need replacing due to wear or other engine damage. The Camshafts are responsible for valve timing and are critical to the safe running of your engine. We source OEM and branded aftermarket camshafts to ensure your engine is fitted with quality parts.

Rocker Arms

Rocker Arms are part of the valve and cam train. They may either run on a rocker shaft or the engine could have a roller rocker which is actuated directly by the cam lobe. We can replace the rockers in your engine if they are worn or broken.

rocker arms
hydraulic lifters

Hydraulic Lifters / Tappets

We can replace the hydraulic lifters of tappets. Hydraulic lifters & tappets rely on oil to enter which controls the valve clearance. You may notice that on initial engine startup the valve train is noisy until oil pressure is up and the lifters are actuating correctly. You generally see either a cylindrical design or a bullet-style lifter with a ball like top. These are sometime referred to as ball stud adjusters and the ball fits inside the rocker arm.

Cam Buckets

Cam Buckets are a solid lifter. We can replace these in your damaged or worn engine. They normally come with a recessed top that will allow for a tappet shim. The shims come in different sizes, and we can determine which thickness is needed to achieve the correct valve tolerance. Some solid bucket are sized and need to purchased at the correct size. This common on Renault Diesel engines like the 1.5 DCi K9K

cam buckets