Crankshaft grinding

We have been grinding crankshafts for over 30 years and our engineers have huge experience with all types of crank from motorbikes to marine engines.

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crankshaft grinding

Why would I need a crankshaft grinding?

The crankshaft is rotating between approximately 1000 - 8000 RPM and over many cycles, the crankshaft journals will become worn. Regular oil changes will help prevent this wear. Low oil or poor oil quality will prematurely wear out your crank. There are also other engine failures that can cause the crankshaft bearings to wear and fail. Should this happen, we will to polish the crankshaft journals to makes sure that there is a smooth even surface for a sufficient oil film. In some cases, the journals are so worn that the journals will need to be ground and then polished to achieve the correct finish. We then supply an oversize conrod or main bearing to replace the area lost by grinding the crankshaft