Oil & Water Pumps

We have access to a range of water pumps & oil pumps. We recommend that the oil pump is changed when an engine is re-built after an engine failure. This is to ensure that no debris from the failure has worked its way into the pump. An oil pump failure will causes substantial damage to your engine. Water pump failure may be one of the reasons your engine has overheated and caused the gasket to fail. We can source a range pumps on a next day basis

Oil Pump

Oil Pumps

Oil pumps are used to ensure that oil is circulated around the entire engine. A failing or failed oil pump can cause oil starvation to vital engine components causing them to wear prematuretly or even cease. We recommend a new oil pump is fitted if there has been an engine failure as the pump may have small metal particles that can damage the pump.

Water Pumps

Water pumps ensure that coolant is pumped around the engine through the cooling channels, pipes and the radiator. The coolant transfers heat from the engine block and cylinder head into the radiator where it is cooled by the cooling fan and / or the air hitting the front of the vehicle when it is in motion. If the pump fails, this water does not circulated and boils away almost instantly causing the engine to cease and causing engine damage. We recommend that the pump is changes when the timing belt or chain is replaced.

Water Pump


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Expert Advice

Our highly experienced technicians will be able help to explain all steps from diagnosis and talk through the steps of the remanufacturing process. We can also give advice for future prevention of engine failures


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