Pistons, Rings & Liners

We have access to a wide range of pistons and piston rings whether they are standard or oversized. We can check your block to see if your require oversized pistons if there is engine damage. In fast road / race application you may require an oversized pistons to increase power / torque. We can supply Goetze, Nural, AE, Hastings, Tarabusi, NPR, KS & Mahle. Forged pistons are available by special request.



We can supply fit pistons for all types of Car, Van & Marine applications. Pistons can be damaged due to a timing failure or overheating. Overheating can occur due to a lack of oil or coolant in the engine, or an over modified ECU or tuning that produces more heat in the combustion area than the pistons can withstand. This can cause detonation within the cylinder bore, causing catastrophic damage.

Piston Rings

We have a wide range of piston rings that we can supply or replace on your piston. Your car may be burning excessive oil-producing blue smoke from the exhaust. Blue smoke from the exhaust is an indication that oil is being leaked into the combustion area. This can happen due to worn piston rings, leaking valve stem seals or an internal turbo seal failure.

piston Rings

Cylinder Liners

We can fit and supply wet & dry cylinder liners. If the cylinder bores are badly damaged and we need to refinish the bore, there are occasions where an oversized piston may not be available and/or the damage is too bad. In this case, we can fit a liner/sleeve to bring the cylinder back to the correct dimensions. Some engines like the Renault 5 or Rover K-Series require a wet liner. These come as a kit set with the piston, rings & wet liner.