Gaskets & Seals

We have access to a wide range of gaskets and seals for American, European & Asian engines. Whether it be Car, Commercial, Plant or Marine. We only supply quality gaskets that match the OEM specification or even exceed it. We supply Payen, Ajusa, Glaser / Victor Reinz & Elring gaskets & seals.

Glaser Gaskets

Cylinder Head Gaskets

Our cylinder head gaskets can be sold separately from the head gasket set. In most diesel applications the head gasket set will not include the head gasket. This is because of the variety of notches or holes which determine the gasket thickness.

Head Gasket Sets

Our head gaskets sets are only of high quality. Our sets include more gaskets and seals than the OEM. This can help rebuild the cylinder head without the hassle of sourcing individual gaskets and seals from the dealer.

Head gasket sets
Conversion Sets

Conversion / Bottom End Gasket Sets

Our conversions sets include all gaskets & seals for the bottom end of the engine. With the exception of some applications where the rear crank seal may be seperate from the set.