main bearings

Main Crankshaft Bearings

We can determine which main bearings your engine will require. We can source oversized bearings if the crank is to be ground. The main bearings sit on the inline journals of the crankshaft. Main bearings commonly have a oil groove through the centre and oil holes. This is not true for all engine. Some main bearings have a flanged pair meaning the engine does not require thrust washers. This flange determines the amount of end float tolerance for the crankshaft.

Conrod / Big End Bearings

These bearings are located on the offset journals of the crank and will have the "big end" of the conrod attached to them. These bearings may have locating tags, holes and / or grooves. We can determine whether the crank needs to be ground and we can then supply oversized bearings to make the perfect oil clearance. In some occasions, we can source conrod bearings that are oversized on the Outside diameter to suit larger or line-bored conrods. This is seen more commonly on the Ford Essex engines

engine bearings
camshaft bearings / Bushes

Camshaft Bushes

The camshaft bushes are there to provide an allow an oil film between the camshaft jounals and the cam caps. If the engine is starved of oil or there has been a timing failure, the camshaft bushes will need to be replaced with the new camshaft.


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